Bedroom update - Moody blues

bedroom design.jpg

With winter upon us I decided it was time to have a bedding update and try to inject a bit of colour into my bedroom.

There's nothing like a beautiful floral duvet cover to add a punch of colour and provide some opportunities to have a bit of fun with different accent pieces.

From Logan and Mason's new 2018 collection, I selected the Montague Mint duvet cover set. The floral pattern is quite muted and has a painterly, watercolour effect with pale blues, minty greens and little hints of gold and purple.

Paired with crisp, white sheets it's the perfect base for personalising by adding some cushions and pillows in both the base colours as well as in contrasting colours.

Don't forget to add in some texture as well. For this I selected the Raffles Teal Square Cushion which features fun textured ruffles on the front face.

Next, I selected the Florence Broadhurst Heraldic Navy Quilted European Pillowcases for their quilted texture and detailed pattern. This creates a good contrast to the large floral pattern of the duvet cover. I like to mix up different prints and there are some key things to consider when you are doing this so that they work together.

Large scale prints and patterns work best on large pieces like duvet covers and small scale prints and patterns tend to work best on smaller items like throw pillows and cushions. Take that into consideration, but don’t be afraid to break the rules a bit.  

Remember, patterns don’t have to match, they just have to go.  By that I mean they need to have some element in common.  That might be colour, style, or scale.

bedroom makeover.jpg

This particular duvet cover is reversible and the large, organic print on the front contrasts well with the reverse side which has a smaller geometric print in a similar colour-way. Fold the top edge of the duvet over to show a pop of the reverse side for added interest.

One Duvet cover, 3 cushions!

In the photos above, I changed the cushions to show how to easily achieve a different look. The European Pillows behind are the Logan and Mason Preston Gold European Pillowcases - these bring out the gold elements of the large floral pattern. Then simply change up the scatter cushions for a different look depending on how the mood takes you!

Cushion 1 is the Bowie Blush Square Cushion, with gorgeous tassel detailing around the edge.

Cushion 2 is the Octagonal Gold Square Cushion, with some contrasting geometric pattern.

Cushion 3 is the reverse side of the Bowie Blush Square Cushion.

Bedroom design.jpg

Finishing touch

Lastly, add the cosy Ombre Indigo Throw to anchor the colour scheme, and a cute fluffy dog on top!