Complete Kitchen Design

Do you want a beautiful, functional kitchen where the layout makes the best use of the available space and the design works with the rest of your house?

You’ve probably already discovered that there’s an overwhelming number of choices when it comes to the kitchen and what you can have in it! From dozens of different bench materials, door and drawer fronts and even handle versus no handle, there’s a lot to think about.

Let me help you sift through the choices and come up with a kitchen design that fits your family, your style and your budget. I’ll help you save time, stress and money along the way.

It’s such an important space in your home, let’s get it right and you can have the gorgeous, social, kitchen space you’ve always dreamed about. And good news - most clients report that their cooking improves exponentially!

Your dream kitchen awaits!

Suzanne’s experience and expertise especially became evident when discussing materials, appliances and kitchen functionality as I was unsure of any of these things.
— AN Grey Lynn