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5 Design Secrets to Elevate Your Ensuite!

Here are some simple design ideas that can really make the difference between a nice ensuite and a WOW ensuite!

Plan good lighting around the mirror

There is nothing worse than trying to put on makeup without adequate lighting! Try these amazing LED backlit mirrors above the vanity. They have a touch switch on the front of the mirror and you can change the light from cool to warm. They’re also fitted with a demister pad so they won’t mist up while you’re in the shower.

Add a feature pendant or wall light beside your vanity if you have the wall space – this will give you a bit of extra lighting but is more decorative than functional.

Use a linear shower grate

These look so much better than the standard central drain in a tiled shower. Make sure you talk to your builder and plumber early on so that they can allow for this.

Use heated towel rail singles

Instead of a standard heated towel rail ladder consider installing single heated towel rails. These come in several lengths and you should use 3 or 4 of them spaced evenly. They are a simple way to make the bathroom look a lot more luxurious.

Did you know that you can actually use them quite close to the shower or bath if they are a low voltage model? This can be useful in a smaller space where you might have to put them at the end of a walk in shower for example.

You can also get these in a number of different finishes to match your tapware.

towel rails.jpg

Choose a different finish for your taps

Get away from standard chrome and bump things up a notch by selecting from some of the amazing finishes that are available.

My personal favourite at the moment is aged iron. It looks especially good in a dark, moody ensuite.

Follow through and use the finish for your towel rails, toilet push plate and even the channel that holds your shower glass (not available for all finishes, but electroplating can often be done to match the taps).

Be brave

Go dark in the ensuite if you like a moody look. Splash out on some beautiful dark feature tiles in the shower area or on a wall that you see when you enter the bathroom. Or, if you’re really brave go dark for the entire room. Leave the all white bathrooms for the developers! Brass or gold tapware really pops against a dark background.

Beautiful dark tiles from Artedomus   Tapware and vanity from Plumbline

Beautiful dark tiles from Artedomus

Tapware and vanity from Plumbline